ORGANEUM ORGAN TOUR 2003 「The Glory of the South」

Aug. 05
05:00 p.m   Introduction to the tour        
Aug. 06
11:30 Innsbruck    Hofkirche J. Ebert 1558 Renaissance organ
Silberne Kapelle
Italian organo di legno ca.
Aug. 07
10:30 Maihingen   Monastery Church of Klostenkirche M. Baumeister 1734-37 the best preserved Baroque organ in South Germany
04:30 p.m Neresheim   Benediktinerabtei J.N. Holzhey 1794-97 large abbey church
Aug. 08
10:30 Ottobeuren     Benediktinerabtei K.J. Riepp 1754-66 Dreifaltigkeits-Orgel /right,
Heilig Geist-Orgel /left
12:30 Recital Harald Vogel        
02:00 p.m Guided tour/ Abbey        
04:00 p.m Irsee    Kloster Irsee B. Freiwiss 1752-54 typical South German design with two main cases
  Guided tour/ Abbey        
Aug. 09
09:00 Maihingen   Froberger recital / J. Kelemen Klosterkirche M. Baumeister 1734-37  
10:30  Preparation Participants Concert        
05:00 p.m  Participants Concert in Maihingen        
Aug. 10
10:00 Bad Wimpfen       church service Stadtkirche Stadtkirche J.A. Ehrlich 1748  
11:30 Guided tour / ancient town        
    Dominikanerkirche J.A. Ehrlich 1752  
02:00 p.m Bach recital /
Christoph Bossert
(Wohltemperiertes Clavier II)
  Preparation Participants Concert        
05:00 p.m Participants Concert        
07:00 p.m Visit Ritterstiftskirche and Cornelienkirche Ritterstiftskirche/ Cornelienkirche Freytag/Schnitger 1792  
,Aug. 11
09:30 Bad Wimpfen  Reception        
  Presentation of organ projects        
11:00  Hoffenheim     E.Fr. Walcker 1846 link between Baroque and Romantic styles
03:30 p.m  Colmar  Visit to the Unterlinden Museum       Isenheimer Altar by Grunewald with the most important late medieval paintings in Europe
  recital Masaaki Suzuki   Ruckers harpsichord 1624  
Aug. 12
10:00 Marmoutier      A. Silbermann 1709-10 early instrument by Andreas Silbermann in French Classical style
  Visit to the organ Museum        
02:00 p.m Strasbourg sightseeing        
05:00 p.m Ebermunster     A. Silbermann 1730-32 recentry restored
Aug. 13
10:30   Muri    Muri - 3 organs:       Schott /Bossard 1630/1744  
P.J. Schnyder 1660-65  
H.M. von Zuben 1697  
  Visit burial place of the Habsburg emperor family        
03:30 p.m St.Urban      J.Bossard 1716-21 the largest historical meantone instrument with subsemitones and the largest well-preserved Baroque organ in Switzerland
  Recital Harald Vogel        
Aug. 14
11:30 Weingarten     J. Gabler 1737-50 the largest well-preserved Baroque organ in Southern Germany