Les menus par Pierre Gagnaire


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Amuse bouches
Snack Chips with tune cream
Salmon cocktail
Veloute of celery Veal and pumpkin
Hors dfoeuvre
Shrimp consomme
flavored with champagne
confit red pepper seasoned with lime
Roasted scallops with parmesan
fondue of endive and wild mushrooms
Green Bouillon gZezetteh
Main course
Warm oysters with smoked
sweet onion marmalade
baby leeks and Noilly Prat sauce
Filet of Beef gLes Menush
seared foie gras glazed with
black current bigarade
Rucola and Tiramisu
Mango Rasberry Icecream
Petis fours
Petis fours

Les menus par Pierre Gagnaire a Moscou
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