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Hall & Oates
  1. The Woman Comes And Goes

  2. Wait For Me

  3. Portable Radio

  4. All You Want Is Heaven

  5. Who Said The World Was Fair

  6. Running From Paradise

  7. Number One

  8. Bebop/Drop

  9. Hallofon

  10. Intravino

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Japan/BMG JAPAN/R32P-1006
Reviewed by Kaoruko Tougo
Words translation by Sayuri Yamamoto
Japan/BMG JAPAN/BVCP-7516 (Nov 21,1997)
Reviewed by Kiyoharu Yaguti
Words translation by ?


Japanese Victor Co./BVCM-37291 (Apr 3 ,2002)

Japanese Victor Co./ (Dec 21,2005)
Packaged in a limited edition miniature LP Paper sleeve.