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A lot of propeller airliners are flying every day in the world. But most people don't know them well. This site is a propeller airliner identifier. You can identify the airplane that you watched at the airport today or that is in your picture collections. It is easy to use. Read question in the first row and click one of the words or pictures below by mouse, then finally you can get the result.   
<Remark> This identifier contains only propeller airplanes used for scheduled passenger flight.

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How many engines does the airplane have?

Two Three Four
engin2.jpg (1886 Byte)engin2.jpg (1886 Byte) engin2.jpg (1886 Byte)engin2.jpg (1886 Byte)engin2.jpg (1886 byte) engin2.jpg (1886 Byte)engin2.jpg (1886 Byte)engin2.jpg (1886 Byte)engin2.jpg (1886 Byte)


[ATR42] [ATR72]
[BAe J31] [J41] [BAe ATP] [HS748] [HP Herald]
[BeechcraftC99] [Beechcraft1900C] [Beechcraft1900D]
[CASA212] [CASA CN-235]
[Dornier Do228] [Do328]
[De Havilland DHC-6] [DHC-7] [DHC-8]
[Embraer EMB110] [EMB120]
[Fairchild Metro]
[Fokker 27] [Fokker 50]
[GAF Nomad]
[Grumman Mallard]
[Harbin Yunshuji Y-12]
[NAMC YS-11]
[Saab 340] [Saab2000]
[Shorts Skyvan] [Shorts330] [Shorts360]
[Pilatus Britten-Norman BN-2] [Trislander]
[Xian Y-7]

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