Mandalay (Myanmar)

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Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar and was a royal capital until 1885.  The city located on the Irrawaddy River has many old Buddhism temples and a old palace. The small airport is located 10 km east from the city center. Myanmar Airways' Fokker 28 and Fokker 27, Air Mandalay's ATR72 and Yangon Airways' ATR72 arrives at this airport few times each a day.

Air Mandalay ATR72 Yangon Airways ATR72 Arrival Terminal
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Terminal Building Exit for outside
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Tower Gate Area
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Air Mandalay ATR72 takes off Yangon Airways ATR72 takes off Myanmar Airways F27 arrived
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Myanmar Airways Fokker 27 Myanmar Airways Fokker 27
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Myanmar Airways Fokker 27 Myanmar Airways Fokker 27
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Yangon Airaway ATR72 Air Mandalay ATR72
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Air liners in Myanmar
Myanmar Airways Fokker27 XY-AEO Air Mandalay ATR72 F-OHLB Yangon Airways ATR72 F-OIYB
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