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Tokyo Narita spotting guide

The condition of these points were changed by the construction.
Around Runway B (16L/34R)

Baseball Field

Approach Course side

Bus route and timetable for spotting point

Baseball Field point
'Baseball Field point' is good to take approach shot in afternoon. You can get there by 5 minutes walk from "Shihongi" bus stop. You can choose any points for spotting around the field. 75mm lens for side view of B767 approaching RW16R, 200mm lens for CRJ.  The light condition is good after 10:30am.
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North from baseball field  Baseball field Boys are enjoying baseball.
You can use the piled soil B777 approaching. B777 by 75mm lens
turn left at crossing near bus stop turn right at the end of woods walk along vegetable field

Approach Course side point
 'Approach Course side point', is located near RW16L end. The light condition is good until 11:00am. You can go there 5 minutes walk from 'Toyomi-Higashi" bus stop. The airport area is too far from here, so you can take the approach shot only. 135 mm lens for B767 approaching. There is no toilet or shop near here. So don't forget to ready food, films and spare batteries. You can get foods and drinks at the convenient store "Lawson" which is at second crossing from 'Juyomi-Higashi bus stop.
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 The view for runway 16L end  around the point  you can choose any point you like
 CRJ by 300mm lens  CRJ approaching 'Toyomi-Higashi' bus stop. Turn left at next crossing.

 Spotting point in the airport
Spotting point around runway A

Rail Map for Narita Airport
Map of Narita Airport
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