Tobago (Trinidad & Tobago)

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Tobago island is second largest island in Trinidad & Tobago. The airport, Crown Point International, is located south-east in the island.  Air Caribbean is operating NAMC YS-11 every two hour for domestic route to/from Port of Spain, Capital City in Trinidad and Tobago. Some international flights by propliners from neighbor Caribbean country come every day and some flights by wide body jet from Europe come every week. 

Terminal building (6.0K) Terminal building (6.6K) Terminal Building (Air side) (4.4K)
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Apron (7.2K) Apron (6.8K) Apron (6.4K)
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Liat Dash 8 (4.7K) Liat Dash 8 (4.5K)
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Liat Dash 8 (4.9K) Liat Dash 8 (5.6K)
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 Air Caribbean (5.4K) Air Caribbean YS-11 (8.5K)
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