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Pilatus Britten-Norman BN-2 Mk.III-2 Trislander
BNT (12.5K) Pillatus Britten-Norman
BN-2A MkIII-2 Trislander
Aurigny Air Services (GR/AUR)
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Presented by Aurigny Air Services

Trislander (8.4K) Trislander (5.8K)
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Trislander (5.5K) Trislander (6.3K)
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Trislander (8.6K) Trislander (9.3k)
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Presented by Aurigny Air Services (The biggest Trislander operator in the world)

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Compare the size with B737-300
Engine LY O-540(260HP) x 3
Wingspan 16.15m(53.0ft)
Length 13.34m(43.8ft)
Height 4.11m(13.5ft)
Wing Area 31.25m2(ft2)
(Operating Empty)
(Max Take off)

2,557 kg
4,241 kg
Max Cruise Speed 290km/h(157knts/h)
Range  1,610km(998mile)
Capacity 18Pax

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