@Kaiten Group "Kongo"

Submarine I-56, I-47, I-36, I-53, I-58 and I-48

(Sortie, 1 December, 1944 through 9 January, 1945)

Crews of Submarine I-53@

Kaiten pilots, Sub-lieutenant Kuzumi, Sub-lieutenant Ito, Ensign Kuge and Chief Petty Officer Arimori (From the left)

With other crews

Chief Officer's address on the vessel

Crews were greeting to send-off.


The Submarine I-53 attacked Kossol Passage, Palau on 12 January, 1945.
Sub-lieutenant Hiroshi Kuzumi (72nd Naval Academy graduate), Sub-lieutenant Osamu Ito (54th Naval Engineering School graduate) and Chief Petty Officer Bunkichi Arimori died in Kaiten mission. The Kaiten that Ensign Kuge was assigned was not launched due to disorder and came back on January.

Album left by Lieutenant Fujio Kawai

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