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Himando(ver 1.81e)TUCOWS himando
"Himando" is a meaning of "obesity level" in Japanese. 
This Palmware calculates the ideal weight, BMI(Body Mass Index), and the target of dieting. 
Animals advise to you !

ver 1.81e -- Himando recognizes decimal preference. (Decimal character '.' or ',', depending on your system preference)
ver 1.8e -- Now, graph is displayed in a color.
ver 1.7e -- You can input height and weight with decimal.
ver1.6e -- Two more advisors appear! The calculated height is memorizable.
ver1.51e -- You can see the graph of the weight and BMI.
ver1.2e -- You can write record to a MemoPad.
ver1.1e -- First release.


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