Welcome to free ExperiCafe (Experiment Cafe) !  Please read the following before you go into the next !

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This is how to make a new type of international letter using the NOXILO grammer and the words in your mother language. There are two databases in this ExperiCafe; 

Database (a) carries 117 words each of Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, German, 
Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and NOXILO,  whereas
Databese (b) carries some 6000 words each of English, Japanese, and NOXILO.

   <Note> I am sorry but databese (b) is under construction, and may be completed
    by the end of 2007.  Database (a) has already been completed.

(1) First, choose database (a) or (b).  Two buttons are set in the bottom of this page.
     Blue colored 'NEXT' button is for database (a) which carries 117 words each for
     Bulgarian, Chinese, French, German, etc.  Black colored 'NEXT' button is for
     database (b), which carries some 6000 words each of English, Japanese, and NOXILO.
     Database (b) will be available by the end of 2007.

(2) Choose (click) a source language (your mother language) or any comfortable
     language to use out of the languages in the lower central box (left) in the next page.
     The color will slightly change to light green when you click.

(3) choose (click) a destination language (your international friend's language) in the
     lower central box (right). 

(4) write any NOXILO letter in the upper central box, using NOXILO grammar
     (including NOXILO basic words) and the words in your mother language that you
     chose in (2).

(5) press the arrow button ( ---> ),  then you'll see your substituted letter in the
     middle central box  which is ready to go to your international friend.  When you
     press the arrow button, the box will color turn red.  Substitution of the words may
     take a few seconds.

(6) Lastly, if you would like, you could copy the substituted letter in the middle central
     box and paste it on the main body of your e-mail.  The mail should be written by      UTF-8.

         Let's go to the next step !  (Press either NEXT button below)


                      Database (a)                             Database (b)
                      117 each of                                 6000 each of
                      Bulgarian, Chinese,                         English, Japanese,
                      English, French, German,                 and NOXILO.
                      Japanese, Korean, Russian,              (under construction)
                      Spanish, Thai, Taiwanese,
                      Vietnamese, and NOXILO.

                                 (28 Sept 2007)    (Rev. 20 Dec 2010)