Regulation of the Kagawa Aikido Dojo Gymnasium
(Issued in January, 1999)

1.The Kagawa Aikido Dojo Gymnasium (hereinafter "the Dojo") shall strive for training human mind and body, and to spread and develop Aikido through Aikido. Also, the Dojo aims to increase the Aikido associate (hereinafter "member") as many as possible.

2.A membership applicant shall apply the prescribed application form with an admission fee to the Dojo. The applicant shall be approved to admit by two or more of the existing members' approval.

3.The members shall assign an operating manager, and also assign a gymnasium manager for public relations. One may serve concurrently as another assignment.

4.Admission and Membership Fees
Yen 7,000. -
Yen 3,000. -
General Member:
Yen 5,000.-monthly
High-school Student or below:
Yen 4,000.-monthly
Monthly Maintenance Fee:
Yen 1000. -
(To be paid instead of the above regular fees only when the member does not participate in any practice during the month.)

2)The fees may vary being subject to the economic conditions.
3)If the member does not pay monthly fee or maintenance fee for three months or more, the Dojo considers that he/she has left the Dojo.
4)If a previous member wants to restore the membership, he/she is requested to take re-admission proceedings.

5.The "Dan" and "Kyu" grades promotion examination shall be held in odd numbered months. The promotion procedure and conditions follow the attached "Dan and Kyu Grades Promotion Outline".

6.The applicant qualified by the other gymnasium shall be qualified for the similar "Dan" or "Kyu" grades of the Dojo by submitting the "Dan/Kyu" grades certificates with an approval service fee to the operating manager.

7.The admission fee, membership fee and approval service fee shall be pooled and used only for the Dojo operation. The balance shall be regarded as members' common property at the time. When the member leaves the Dojo, he/she shall abandon the claim to the property.

8.The members shall attribute accident during practice to the self-responsibility in principle and shall abandon the compensation claim to the other party excepting the case that the third party considers the accident be caused obviously intentionally.

9.The Dojo shall hold a martial art performance presentation, Aikido school, and so on to increase the Aikido associate.

10.The member shall participate in the Dojo's events as many as possible.

11.The member who impedes the Dojo's operation and development shall be dismissed from the membership.

12.The rules that are not written in this regulation shall be discussed and arranged among the members whenever needed.

(Trasnlated by SakaeTezuka)