What is a RALLY Quizzy ?

This ralley is what you solve the quiz by your actual driving.
It's the orientation using the real car.
Driving along rootbook and look for the check-point shown with pictures.


Measure between each check-point and give answers,They will be scored-1point when you make a mistake for each 10m.
At the start point set the trip-meter at 0.
Each car will start consecutively so please listen to the presentator.
There is only one point...which shows the right distance you've come which we call the O.D,That is the first point you'll reach after you've started.
This point is the standard measuring point.
Pretend,you've gone 10.00Km so far and you meter shows 10.03Km....this is the distance of the official car.Reset the distance of your car to match the official car while you're actually on the course measure each point corrctly.
Start to O.D. Refrence
Start to 1C.P. Caluculate
Each C.P. to C.P. Caluculate
You can calculate them all after the game so drive safely.

How do you calculate?

Correct measures were from the official car,so try to reset yourmeasure along with it.
To reset the measure
you measures(10.03Km)/(official car)standard(10.00Km)=reset precentage
Divide the distance between each check-point with the measures of your car and you'll get the answer.


official car

your car

(Before Mesure)

(After Measure)

start to O.D.



start to 1C.P.



1C.P. to 2C.P.





This ralley goes along the rootbook all the way from start to go all. We'll distribute the rootbook but before you see it let's see how to do.
This rootbook is just lilce the one used in the real ralley.
If you come across the Crossroad ahichis not written the rootbook,
please go as it's written below.
1. go straight
2. don't from dort
3. along the center line or green belt
4. road with some width
5. easier angled road (easy to go)
6. when you're going up hills you go up again
(when you're going down you go down again)
What you home to see is not toomuch so forget the rest.
Signs in the strcets are not exactly same as things written on the rootbook.
In some case Signcls Signs mirror will be grored.

basic rool

easier angled rode

along the center line

go straight

Look at map

1.there are names on the streets

streets type

2.many marks are on the map

marks on the map


example map

go home