The summer vacation in 1999


In that summer vacation, I knew nothing yet.The world was different from it completely and became able to be seen. It is different. I break the shell of the egg and the truth will have been transformed. At present, it is possible to remember clearly.
That summer vacation There is a mood like the happening yesterday.

The story
The summer vacation of the near future.
It was surrounded by the forest and the lake " The school of the whole dormitory system ".
One boy commits suicide 3 months before.
The summer vacation of "Kazuhiko", "Naoto" and "Norio" began.
The transfer student comes.
His name is "Kaoru". Kaoru was similar to committing suicide "Yu".
Yu was idle in the school.
Yu loved Kazuhiko However, the love was Platonic love .
Kazuhiko refused the love of Yu
Kazuhiko was worried with the happening.
Free and riotous Kaoru
Finally, Kazuhiko begins to love Kaoru.
Naoto loved Kazuhiko secretly.
Naoto which envies Kaoru
The solitary of Norio
He is loved by no one.
Three dilemmas
The identity of Kaoru was committing suicide "Yu".
" Let's die with me " The boys who dive into the lake.

The explanation
This movie was manufactured in 1987.
The general exhibition in Japan is 1988.
In the summer, a video was sold.
The appeal of the movie, " The girl who plays a boy "
The girls of 13 years old - 15 years old were chosen.
Location was done in "Nagano" that the winter season Olympics was held.
The photography in the nature
In 1999, it screened in the revival.
In " New York ", it screened with " London ".
In now which passed in 10, there are a lot of fans.
The alternating current meeting of the fan is regularly done in Japan.

The castKazuhiko
Tomoko Ootakara ,as Kazuhiko

Born on December 24th, 1971
At present, it appears on the play, the television as the actress.
She appears on " The rhapsody in August" of film director "Akira Kurozawa".
She contested with Richard Gere.

Eri Miyazima ,as Yu&Kaoru
Born on February 3rd, 1974
At present, it is playing an active part as the radio actor.
It appears on the musical and the stage, too.

Miyuki Nakano, as Naoto
Born on October 20th, 1971
In 1997, she marries volleyball player (Sunichi Kawai).
It retires from the entertainment world.


Rie Mizuhara, as Norio
Born on January 11th, 1973
At present, it appears on the play, the television, the stage as the actress.

The staff
Shusuke Kaneko(The film director)
Born on June 8th, 1955.
The masterpiece is "GAMERA". The most new work, " The Cross Fire "

Yuriko NakamuraYuriko Nakamura(The pianist.)
The music which she composed is used.
CD-Album "Wind and Reflection"

The music which the boys are playing in the movie is the music of "L.V.Beethoven"
Piano Trio”Archduke”(I recommend ”Windows Media Player”)

Moto Hagio(The caricaturist)
Her work is " The Heart of Thomas ". The school in Germany is a stage.
It is the work which was made the model of this movie.

The photography place
Ookurayama Memorial Hall (Yokohama city)
As the building in the academy, of it a photograph was taken.
This building is the public facilities.
The neighborhood of the building is the park which was surrounded by a lot of trees.
A classic concert is held every week.

Lake usui
Lake Usui (Gunma Prefecture)
It is an artificial lake.
It is possible to do a fishing, a stroll.

Yachiho Heights
Yachiho Heights(Nagano Prefecture)
The token amount of 1600 m. The white birch is beautiful heights.
In the summer, it is possible to enjoy a hike.
In the winter, it is possible to enjoy a ski, too.

In movie " the summer vacation in 1999 ", it is loved in the world, too.
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