The Birth

The Birth (62Kb)

The baby was born on February 16, 1222, named Zennichi-maro (The good boy of the Sun) with the father Shigetada NUKINA and the mother Umegiku-nyo, in a peaceful fishing village called Kominato. On the day, the pious father had found a flesh spring near the house, which was adequate for the baby's first bath.

The boy who would be the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law (Mappo Ages) was born from the house of a fisherman, the lowest class in the society who killed living things as the daily work, in order to save the people of the Mappo Ages, contrastively the Buddha of Former Day of the Law (Shobo Ages), namely Shakyamuni Buddha (Shakuson), had been born as the crown prince of a country in India and had decreased on February 15.