The Resolution

Resulution (27kb)

Priest Rencho had been studying since he was twelve years old. He studied Buddhism about six years at Seicho-ji, about four years in Kamakura City, about three years at Enryaku-ji and Kyoto City, and about three years in Nara City etc., to seek the answer of his question: how to save the people in the world. Now he was 32 years old who understood why the Lotus Sutra said "This sutra is the highest one among the all volumes of sutra that I had already preached, I am preaching now, and I will preach in furure (Sansetsu Choka)." And he resolved to establish a new religion based on the Lotus Sutra as the man who had been foretelled in the sutra.

Now he was on the way to his home village.