Heavens of Venus

Tatsunokuchi (36kb)

After the Tatsuno-kuchi, Nichiren Daishonin stayed at the house of Homma in Echi, as the Bakufu of Kamakura did not decide the treatment of him.

Next day, a letter from the Bakufu arrived, which said "This person is innocence who will be forgiven after a while. Be careful not to have mistake about him."

On the night, Nichiren Daishonin was at the yard and recited Juryo-hon Chapter of Lotus Sutra. Then, the sky suddenly got cloudy and two shiny stars came down onto a tree of Japanese apricot. According to the Go-sho, they were of celestial heavens of the Venus and the spherical something at the Tatsunokuchi was of celestial heaven of the Moon.

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