In Jail

Tatsunokuchi (36kb)

There were a lot of arson and murder in Kamakura City, which were by believers of Nembutsu-shu and they said that these affairs were reciprocal actions of Nichiren Shoshu believers. Kamakura Bakufu decided that not only Nichiren Himself but also the believers should be banished from the capital city of Kamakura. Many priests and believers lost their occupations and land, sometimes lives by the oppression. According to the Go-sho, 999 of 1000 believers gave up Nichiren Shoshu.

Priest Nichiro, Priest Nissin and three believers were in prison. "Tsuchiro (Jail) Go-sho" for them said "I am going to be exiled to Sado Island tomorrow. Tonight, it is very cold, and for you in jail. That you have been reading Lotus Sutra by your bodies is extremely precious experience. Surely see you again, after you will be free." .

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