PC800_Electrical Opener Modification

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Cutting Wire
Represents the cutting dimensions of the wire.
This dimension is not calculated.
The bad parts of the cable guide were cut.


The lever side of the cable is cut off.

Cable guides are removed and cleaned inside.

Make sure it is moving well.


Replace it with a commercially available product.

The remaining guides on the terminal are pulled out with pliers.

Align the holes with a 5mm drill.

The terminal is crimped, so the guide doesn't go in.

You don't need to crimp again.

From here, you can arrange it by yourself depending on the actuator you use.

(The following is a description of the Toyota parts.)

The end of the wire used is like the picture.

The rivets were bent at the tail.
The wire and tail were hugged together using a sleeve.
(Falling out of this part is a nightmare.)

The branch section can be opened.

Leory 315 433mhz の dc 12 v 10A のボタンワイヤレストランスミッターリモコンスイッチリレーレシーバー

This time, I found a remote control switch by chance, so I use it.

The image is a sample

The frame of the actuator was cut off as shown in the figure.
Because it was in contact with the opening and closing of the trunk.



The actuator unit is fixed in this one place.

I made a new hole.RED

Wire handling

When you press the button, it works for 0.5 seconds.
Full stroke is about 0.2 sec.
Time over may damage the device.

 If a protective device is not available, a manual switch is needed to take care of the energizing time.

The electric wiring also needs to be very careful.
Adequate protection, dropouts, etc.
If necessary, you should make a connector to work with an external power supply.

The end of the wire used is like the picture.