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FM-7 F2 Grand-prix

Now, you don't know. The car racing game for FM-7 (It's a PC made by Fujitsu, Inc. in '80s). The original software is created by No.046 for MZ-2000 (It's a PC made by SHARP, Inc. in '80s). No.046 is guru for me. He is a good hacker. And he enjoyed an archade game TX-1 by TAZUMI. He think a racing game like this on his PC. So he coded this original software. I worked geometry data inputing and makeing images. And I import this software to FM-7.

PC-Engine NoRiKo

Hudown software, Inc. release following softwares for PC-Engine (named "Turbo-grafix 16 in US) CD-ROM.

I and YoshinoZui and SSK works to make "NoRiko".

We work in Hokkaido. Hokkaido locate North of Japan and very COLD. And I enjoy many many snow. Because, I leave in Kyusyu. Kyusyu locate South of Japan and It's toropical weather. I don't see this much snow!!

PC-Engine Super Grafx "Daimakaimura (Ghost and gobrin II)"

It's a software for PC-Engine Super Grafx. Porting from CAPCOM arcade game. F.K import OBJ routines. And I import BG routines.

Time after time... My friend J9 buy second haned Daimakaimura software by 80 yen. Ohhhh...

Time after time... I port CAPCOM CP-system BG graphics routines in Cyberbots...

PC-Engine Tengai Makyo II

I work in Ichigaya Tokyo Japan. I code Buttle routines. It is very big projects. It need 4 programmers, 2 event scripters and 6 graphics disigners works every times.

We go to curry shop "Ajanta" near Nihon TV. And eat fantastic curry.

SuperFamicom Pachinco wars II

My first works in OeRSTED, Inc. My work is makeing orbit of balls in pachinko. It is my first work on Nintendo SuperFamicom (SuperNES). The host computer SONY NEWS running on UNIX. And I have not to operate UNIX.

It is very good study for me. Because, It support good manuals in Japanese. I make free softwares for UNIX or X Window System.

PC-Engine Wrestle Angels

Card battling Female wrestlers gymeconomy game. Original software is for PC. I ported low level graphics displaying routines, And YoshinoZui ported high level routines. And UYU made misc. subroutines, J9 converted sound data to ADPCM.

Press Up,Up,Down,Down,Left,Right,Left,Right,B,A to change *Jyoshi pro-wrestling -> *Jyoji pro-wrestling.

PlayStation Okuman choujya game

My first works on SONY PlayStation. My jobs is coding desplaying graphic routines. And 3-D Polygon roulette drawings.

In your turn, Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, SELECT, START to free roulette moving by your contoller.
In mini game "Kusudama", Hitting "Kusudama" is something difference from others. Look and find one bit difference!

PlayStation Naniwa no akindo

I code BG and another graphic routines like as Okuman.

In your turn, Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, SELECT, START to enable the screen saver function. It's alternative. This status is saved on memory card.
In mini-game, Press Rectangle and Triangle buttons alternate, to faster your bet one. But, very rapid pressing make something bad.


2-D Fighting games for SONY PlayStation. Released on Dec. 25, 1997 in Japan. This software is porting from an arcade game release by CAPCOM 1994. I code BG graphic routines. Oh! Long ago, I make codes like this for Daimakaimura. Hummm...

Fucking! "Shinjyuku Jacky" the "FamiTsu" writer say "Characters become smaller than origina". Hey hey hey! Your are blind? Image size is same as original. ANATA BAKA!

PlayStation Okuman choujya game II

The next game of Okuman choujya game. Release at Sep. 23, 1998 by Takara. I made BG and MAP graphics.

At displayed roulette, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, SELECT, START to free moving roulette by your contoller. For more details, Look Business/Okuman2.

PlayStation Little Lovers She-So-Game

Table game like Gal-game. Released at 1999/9 by Nikkei Visual/NTT Publishing.

I made Minigame programms.

PlayStation Game of Life with many QUIZ

Table game released at 1999/9 by TAKARA-toys. I made Map display, Roulette display, Heart tile and Decadance tile.

The roulette routine is same as before TAKARA games. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, SELECT, START to free moving roulette by your contoller.

At decadance tile Goddess pound, You can get TAKARA-bako. But, I don't tell you. Researsh the rule by yourself.

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