fkiss event extensions manual

This document is under construction.

omThis is a manual for fkiss event extensions which are changed from standard KISS.
  1. Abstract
  2. KISS compatibilities
  3. cnf file
  4. Event
  5. Action
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KISS the playing paper doll changing clothing on computer software is developped by MIO.H. And many stuffs for KISS were made by many peoples now. And KISS program is imported for MS-Windows, Macintosh, X Window System platforms, etc.

Basic function of KISS is only moving clothes on computer screen.
Is is only and enough functions for changing clothes on computer emulate paper dolls. But, we can make more interesting features on computer.
So, I add such interesting extended functions that named "fkiss event extensions" in fkiss the KISS on X Window System.
Caution! I say "add extended funcsions", It mean that these functions are not KISS standards.

fkiss event extensions designed for more interactive functions than KISS original programs.
For example, KISS support only drug and move clothes. fkiss event extensions support a cloth is catched, the cloth changes its forms, sound is played, etc. And automatically move objects.

KISS compatibilities

Something defferences are required to support these functions. But, these extensions are designed in KISS standards. Therefor, we can make the stuff for KISS in which the fkiss event extensions are used, and it is enjoyed on standard KISS, too.

What extensions we want?

I think these functions and standard KISS compatibilities.

At first, Object animations. Switching On/Off to display cels is a very simple method. Function of switching to display On/Off function by set number is supported in KISS standard.
For example, Animation of eye wink: Switching Opened eye and Closed eye cels display On/Off. Both cels are displayed in standard KISS. Setting priority Opened eye cel near than Closed eye cel, Eye is still opened (NOT wink). And not so feel bad?

Playing sound, NO such functions are supported in standard KISS. And NEW mechanic is required. Make other type files for sound, and these sound files are ignored in standard KISS.

Loder status changeing. Loder status is changed dynamic and automatically in fkiss event extensions. In standard KISS It is changed MANUALLY.
So there is no problems of compatibilities.

No problems to support these functions. Next I think how to describe these functions.
To keep compatibilities, these are described in Comment part in cnf file.

cnf file

fkiss event extension are described in cnf file.
;@event1 action1-1 action1-2 ...
;@event2 action2-1 action2-2 ...
;@eventN actionN-1 actionN-2 ...

In first line, ;@EventHandler is identifire. In after this lines which started ;@ treated as fkiss event extension description lines.
;@EventHandler must be a top of line. And blank characters (white space or tabs) are NOT available between ;, @ and EventHandler. And Identifire CASE SECITIVE. eventhandler or EVENTHANDLER are not identified.

These fkiss event extensions are must be described between the last of cel description line (# started line) and the first line of set description line ($ started line).


Events are triggars to happen actions for example drugging a object.

  1. never()
  2. initialize()
  3. alarm(ch)
  4. begin()
  5. end()
  6. press(cel)
  7. release(cel)
  8. catch(cel)
  9. drop(cel)
  10. fixcatch(cel)
  11. fixdrop(cel)
  12. unfix(cel)
  13. set(set)
  14. col(col)
  15. in(cel1, cel2)
  16. out(cel1, cel2)
  17. leftside(cel1, cel2)
  18. rightside(cel1, cel2)
  19. upside(cel1, cel2)
  20. downside(cel1, cel2)


Actions are viewing programms functions for example unmapping cels.

  1. nop()
  2. debug(str)
  3. shell(str)
  4. unmap(cel)
  5. map(cel)
  6. altmap(cel)
  7. move(obj, dx, dy)
  8. sound(file)
  9. timer(ch, t)
  10. randomtimer(ch, t, w)
  11. quit()
  12. changeset(set)
  13. changecol(col)
  14. transparent(cel, n)
  15. windowsize(dw, dh)
  16. viewport(dx, dy)

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