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To Heart for PlayStation

Good News!
To Heart for SONY PlayStation release at 1998 autumn
announced at Mar. 13, 1998.

Bad News!!
Followings comments announced in Leaf Website

We developping ToHeart for PlayStation Now.
Release date attention! ToHeart for PlayStation will be released at 1998 winter. (Hummm! DELAYED, too...)

I know this delay in Consumer video game magazine "Fami-Tsuu" published at 1998 August. I read PlayStation soft release calendar in this magazine. And found To Heart on the column 1998 winter release softwares.
Staffs! Do good working!

More Bad News!!!
I read "Fami-Tsuu" 1998 Nov. and found To Heart on the column This winter release softeares. It mean that To Heart for PlayStation will not released in 1998. Ohhh!

Techinical consideration

"To Heart" is a game software for Win95 by Leaf released at 1998 May.

This web page is for checking implementation "To Heart" on Web.
I think that following technics are enough to implement this game on Web.


"To Heart" is an adventure game of school life. Released as Leaf Visual Novel Series Vol.3. (Vol.1 "SHIZUKU", Vol.2 "KIZUATO")
"To Heart" is a X-rated game. But, it is very interesting story for childrens, too. Creater think to implement on consumer machines (PlayStation etc.)?

Experement "To Heart" on Web

Recommend to use Netscape Navigator. Mozilla
Don't recommend to use Microshit Internet Exploder. Internet Exploder

Require to use Netscape Navigator, about 480x360 pixels window, Japanese fixed size font 12 point settings.

Charrenge an experement of "To Heart" one sciene (Japanese)

Quick hack to convert images. So, very darty. Original graphics are more better.

By the way, this experement is NOT under licenced by Leaf. If you have clames and questions, Mail to yav.

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