Kaiten Group "Kongo"

Submarine I-56, I-47, I-36, I-53, I-58 and I-48

(Sortie, 1 December, 1944 through 9 January, 1945)

Commemorative Picture for the send-off ceremony, receiving short swords
(on the vessel "Chikushimaru", the Squadron Six Headquarters)


Crews of Submarine I-56

Crews, greeting to send-off. (From the left, Sub-lieutenant Kakizaki, Sub-lieutenant Maeda, Chief Petty Officer Furukawa, Chief Petty Officer Yamaguchi)

Departing Submarine I-56

The Submarine I-56 headed for Admiralty Islands, but couldn't make an attack due to the enemy's close guard and came back on 3 February, 1945.

Submarine I-47

Kaiten pilots, Chief Petty Officer Muramatsu, Sub-lieutenant Kawakubo, Sub-lieutenant Hara and Flight Petty Officer 1st Class Sato (From the left)

The Submarine I-47 attacked the anchorage of "Hollandia" (current Jayapura) at the Gulf of Numbai (then called the Gulf of Humboldt), New Guinea on 12 January, 1945.
Sub-lieutenant Teruo Kawakubo (72nd Naval Academy graduate), Sub-lieutenant Atsuro Hara (Waseda University), Chief Petty Officer Minoru Muramatsu and Flight Petty Officer 1st Class Katsumi Sato died in Kaiten mission. The Submarine I-47 came back at the end of January.

Album left by Lieutenant Fujio Kawai

Commemorative Picture for the Sortie, Submarine I-36, I-53, I-58


Crews of Submarine I-36

Chief Officer's address on the vessel. 

The Submarine I-36 attacked the southern anchorage of enemy ships at the Ulithi Atoll on 12 January, 1945.
Kaiten pilots, Lieutenant Takeru Kagaya (71st Naval Academy graduate), Sub-lieutenant Shizuyo Todokoro (53rd Naval Engineering School graduate), Ensign Bunya Motoi (54th Naval Engineering School graduate) and Chief Petty Officer Yurimitsu Fukumoto died in Kaiten mission.

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