Rock and Roll Party in Tokyo 2000

December 22nd, 2000
Sky PerfecTV! (Japanese satellite broadcasting) aired KISS special program.

    Channel 733
    Dec. 22 19:00-19:30 Artistory -KISS-
    Dec. 22 19:30-20:00 On The Rock -KISS-
    Dec. 23 15:30-16:00 Artistory -KISS- (rebroadcasting)
    Dec. 23 16:00-16:30 On The Rock -KISS- (rebroadcasting)
    Dec. 24 18:00-18:30 Artistory -KISS- (rebroadcasting)
    Dec. 24 18:30-19:00 On The Rock -KISS- (rebroadcasting)

November 2000
The original soundtrack "Lucky Numbers" includes "Heaven's On Fire".

    Catalog Number WEA / ATLANTIC
    Track listing 1. Light Of Day / Joan Jett
    2. Obsession / Animotion
    3. Moving In Stereo / The Cars
    4. Right Place Wrong Time / Lina
    5. Easy Money / Rickie Lee Jones
    6. Heaven's On Fire / KISS
    7. Rapture / Blondie
    8. Freeze-Frame / J. Geils Band
    9. Love Is The Drug / Grace Jones
    10. We Are The Champions / Queen
    11. My Way / Jimmy Roselli
    12. My Big Reward / Joan Jett
    13. Lucky Numbers / George Fenton

October 14th, 2000
The motion picture "Detroit Rock City" was released at Cinema Milan, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

    It was previewed in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan on June 1st.

September 21st, 2000
"THE SECOND COMING" was released on both of VHS and DVD in Japan.

    This video was released in 1999 but it had not been availabled here in Japan for a long time.

    FormatDVD / VHS
    Catalog Number Nippon Columbia COBY-70019 (DVD)
    Nippon Columbia COVY-90117 (VHS)
    Price4,935 yen each (tax incl.)

September 7th, 2000
KISS concert was aired on the Japanese TV program.

    This is the part of the "That's Music from New York" series.

    Marty Friedman speaks Japanese from the beginning to the end.

    That's Music from New York (4) "ROCK KISS"
    Air Time Sep. 7, 2000 19:35-20:55
    Running Time77min. 55sec.
    NavigatorSumi Shirai
    Special GuestMarty Friedman
    Live at Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
    00:00:30An interview with Marty Friedman about KISS
    00:04:02KISS Farewell Tour - Part 1
    00:04:20 Detroit Rock City [live]
    00:08:52 Shout It Out Loud [live]
    00:12:20 Firehouse [live]
    00:16:52 2,000 Man [live]
    00:22:03 Ace Frehley guitar solo [live]
    00:23:18  Messages from Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons
    00:24:18 Do You Love Me [live]
    00:28:36 Heaven's On Fire [live]
    00:32:49 Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll [live]
    00:38:27  Commentary by Marty Friedman
    00:40:08Live Music Place
      Live Music Bar, Cooler, Greenwich Village
       (A section introducing a club in New York)
    00:41:48An introduction of Marty Friedman
    00:42:59Sound of New York
      Performed by Peter Johnson (Steal drum player)
       (A section introducing a musician in New York)
    00:45:31KISS Farewell Tour - Part 2
    00:45:38 Psycho Circus [live]
    00:51:29 Gene Simmons bass solo [live]
    00:54:01 God Of Thunder [live]
    00:58:25 Love Gun [live]
    01:02:44  Messages from Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons
    01:03:15 Black Diamond [live]
    01:08:53 Rock And Roll All Nite [live]
    01:15:38  Commentary by Marty Friedman
    01:17:55- End -

August 10th, 2000
The Asahi Shimbun newspaper evening edition dated August 10th, 2000 reports KISS auction.

    This article is printed on page 2 and there is a photo of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in color.

June 2nd, 2000
Alive IV also has no release date in Japan.

    It had been announced that the Japanese version includes 3 bonus tracks. But a newest advertisement for "Alive IV" does NOT mention about those. Maybe there is no bonus track on the Japanese version.
    Anyway, the release date is NOT announced.

    The Japanese subtitle will be "Jigoku no Shuumaku : Live From Vancouver". "Jigoku no Shuumaku" means "Hell's final act".

    If you want to know about Japanese subtitles, see "Subtitles" section.

    Catalog Number Mercury Music Entertainment PHCW-1085
    Price(2,548 yen / tax incl.)
    Track Listing
    Psycho Circus
    Shout It Out Loud
    Heaven's On Fire
    Into The Void
    Do You Love Me
    Let Me Go Rock & Roll
    I Love It Loud
    Lick It Up
    100,000 Years
    Love Gun
    Black Diamond
    Rock And Roll All Nite
    - bonus tracks for Japan? -
    2,000 Man
    God Of Thunder
    Detroit Rock City

June 1st, 2000
The motion picture "Detroit Rock City" was previewed in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan.


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