Summary of services
Environmental management has never been more complex. Today's successful plans must comply with increasingly stringent and complex environmental regulations. And to compete in this ever changing market we here at Sakamaki Environmental Engineering Office execute planning with advance computer communication systems. Thus increasing efficiency and providing a better experience for our customers. This dedication to the application of new technologies is just one of the many reasons why we have been hailed by many companies for our quality planning. Sakamaki Environmental Engineering Office also maintains partnerships with other design offices, who like us, pride themselves on a high level of costumer satisfaction. With the latest technologies and quality partners we are leading to the future of environmental engineering. And are confident when we say, when it comes to electrical, air conditioning, and plumbing engineers, leave it to us.

Services Provided
・Various system designs: air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, electrical
・Official estimates: Periodical inspections of facility structure
・Periodical investigation of architecture for special buildings

Please send your requests to the following

SAKAMAKI Environmental Engineering Office Co.,Ltd.
(Japan engineering design association membership no.388)
Representative Director Hiroyuki Sakamaki
3-6-10 Hirata, Ichikawa-city,Chiba,JAPAN 272-0031
TEL 047-314-2619
FAX 047-314-2618