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Now, machines in Kissin Institute of softwear are followings:

Hewlett-Packard HP-UX

Kissin Insitute of Softwear Web server. yav rentaled 5Mbytes from BIGLOBE.

No-brand IBM-PC/AT compati.

yav use this IBM-PC/AT compati. machine in office. MS-Windows98 and FreeBSD 2.2.6 installed. Main use for my job developping for Sony PlayStation softwears and web page of Kissin Institute of Softwear.

NEC PC-9821Nx

yav's private using computer. NEC PC-9821 Note computer. MS-Windows95 is installed. Following sakura take over missions, and retired now.

NEC PC-9821Nr166/X30F

Alternative machine for lily. NEC PC-9821 Note PC. MS-Windows95 is installed. Used for my web surfing, E-mail, BBS and developping Kissin Institute of Softwear.

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Internet manner

1. Introduction

1.1. Prized possessions

NETIQUETTE is exist in Internet society.

Do'nt forget that:

You have many different thing from me and other people.

For example, many differences exist you and me. Age, Sex, Country, Language, Calture etc.

So, I think that it is important to recognize these defferences and take care for good communications.

1.2. I don't like

There are peoples who have deifferent opinions from me. For example some one think that many people use Internet Exploder on MS-Windows to access WWW, So I design my Web site only for Internet Exploder.

Yes, I recognize this opinion. I don't compel my opinion to these peoples. Because, You have many different thing from me and other people. But, If you have these opinions, Please just a think.

Sometime, you will be in minority.

Some years ago, The word "Mosaic" mean Internet itself. I see a sciene that WWW access by Mosaic in the TV-show.
But, do you know "Mosaic" Now?

You think many peoples use Internet Exploder on MS-Windows. But, It is your common sence ONLY NOW! Your common scence will be changed day by day. Please think it.

2. Web manner

2.1. Want to make web site

If you want to make a Web site. Which things to care for.

2.2. What contents?

At first think contents in your web site. I think. Don't warry! Make contents AS YOU LIKE!

But, very very hard pornographys are NOT so good. WWW is a public place likes a bulletin board which places at front of city office or station. Somebody don't like that.

2.3. Whom send the informations to?

Next, Please think to Whom you want to send the informations? Important thing: sending object. Understanding this, good help for making a web site.

For example, You found some BUGs in Internet Exploder on MS-Windows. And you want to advise it. Therefor, You designed a web site ONLY for Internet Exploder. And, That will be NOT so many problems.

Yes, this is a very special case. In usually, objects independed on computing environment. Example: I send some informations to peoples who like "Classic Music".

2.4. Send to many peoples

Which to care to send informations to many people? It is that Don't use special things! In traditional Don't use HTML tags and its attributes which depend on Web browser.

But, Now many people use HTML WYSWYG editor to make HTML documents. And many body don't know HTML tag? So, advise that people. Only to use following things:

Use only these! But, these are enough things. I use few things except thse in my web site.

2.5. Frame! Fucking narrow spaces!

Now, I view Web sites which use many FRAMES. That is very hard to access! I don't like this! My Notebook PC have only 640x480 pixels LCD display. It is too small to acces that web site. More bad! Some site diasble scroll bar! Poor people, step aside! Ohhh! Shit!

Techno-freek want to use FRAME. But, Please think Frame function is requited to use in your web site really?

2.6. Visual effects required Really?

When you want to use huge images, Java-scripts, Shockwave flash and/or ActiveX technorogys, Think well that these mechanismes really need for sending your messages to peoples. If there are no options to communication, Don't warry to use the method.

Images good example. "I paint a picture. Look my picture!" There are no good words to send your picture. The image is best method to communication. In this case, you must to use inline image (IMG).

I don't recommend to use surplus visual effects. Example, a 100k bytes background image is specified. And very hard to read texts if this background image is not displayed. Please don't design this web pages!

2.7. Abandon page layout?

"You say, abandon page layout?" Yes, I say "Abandon page layout!"

The HTML document is designed for marking up Hyper text. Not designed for page layout.

And I ask you, "Do you think page layout REALLY?" If your HTML document published on paper book, your HTML document is good layout on the paper? Do you design the layout on 100dpi 4096x4096 pixels display only? The CRT display is very cheap devices. Yes, you say "I am not a proffesional of type setting." But, computer technorogy changes day by day. 10 years ago, we say "What's a nice computer! It have 320x240 pixel 8 color full bitmap supported!"

This is an extreme sample. But, you will change display adapter which support 1600x1200, And would you say "Oh! my web site very small size!"

2.8. But, Layout!

Think well these. And you say "But, I want to design web page layout!" Use the Cascading Style Sheet to design layout!

It is only one smart choice. There are No chices, But, Mozilla and IE supportings are NOT complete.

So I recommend to use

Style Sheet Elegance!

3. E-mail manner

Under construction

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