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My friend MURA chan's page. He is a nice programmer and Loli-Loli CG artist.
F.K's home page
WKISS author and hot video game freak.
He works in a software house in Sapporo city.
Nice KISS datas and links.
The Big KiSS page
The pages maintained by Dov Sherman home page. He is a Very HOT KISS user. You can to get many informations about KISS.
Iruka's home page
Iruka is ex my boss. He is a best hacker in my life!!
Chapuni's room
He is a very strange person I worked togather. But he have many technicks for programming, Nice hacker.
Pinsize pictures
PINSIZE Inc. home page. Very pritty cute little girls!!
xmagv icon is desined from MITA ONSYA's illustration. Thank you!
DANY's home page. "Lovery lolita page"
RERE's home page. Chinese dress fan!
in the DARK
MIUYA's Web site.
She is a beautiful comstume player. English page exist!
Yuki Saegusa HOMEPAGE
Yuki Saegusa's home page.
Nice KISS data creater since early times. Meny people knew KISS system with his KISS data. (And, He walk wrong way in his life?)
Sume's room
Sumeragi's home page.
AKUSYU 0.5 SECOND's home page.
Thank your entertain at visiting your home with MURA chan! I'll be visit again with a something good gift.
Kohi's HomePage
Kohi's NORMAL(?) HomePage.
Neko no tamago
ZAN's HOME PAGE. Nice digial art works!
FOJY's page. Nice KISS datas. HMX-12 "MULTI" KISS Fine!
Maison de Konami
Voice actress Konami Yoshida's page. As Miku in Metal fighter MIKU . As Sayuri in Little Lovers. Oh! Good cute voice!
Sarukichi Anaguri's page. A professional digital graphic artist, Fine artworks!
Suehirogari's page
Famous comic artist Suehirogari's page. His some X-rated comics are published in United States.
Team "INTELCAP SHOP" (old name) distribute good KISS datas. Web master is ELME. New name is "Inside-cal".
Tomohiro Ueno's Homepage
xkiss author Tomohiro Ueno's page. He make KISS program on APPLE NEWTON. Oh!
SHIN's fkiss HomePage
Here is fkiss datas! Soryu Asuka Langray etc.
Search engine for Comic, Anime, CG, Novel, Game, MIDI Web pages.
Navigator of Manga Artists. English page available
Enjoy CGI with BIGLOBE!
CGI Tips for BIGLOBE Web server.
Deaf Dumb & Blind
caetla official page. for PlayStation hackers.
Step Up PC
PC parts shop in Kumamoto Japan.
Another HTML-lint gateway
HTML document checking service.
Lynx View
Lynx View
Cyber Space Alchemy
MITH@mmk's Web page. Kiss on Java exists in Program page. French maid fan.
HIGH TECH Hanabishi
Brave king GaoGaiGar NISEMONO KISS.
Research girls under 15
Ex "Ruri chan no tabaneta kami no teppen kara 7cm kurai sitani sagattatokoroga fuwafuwa sitete tottemo kimotiyosasou dakara sawasawa sichauzo no kai".
Low-fat milk
Condenced reverted 120%!!
Puni Puni KISS files!
Ayanami Java Kisekae in Nonsense.
Kimusume -Made in Japan-
Yousisi's Web site. Catty in GALFORCE, Youko Mano in Mamono Hunter Youko, Maki Osada etc. KISS data. Good works!
BakuretuKen Homepade 3
BakuretuKen's Web site. Some KISS data exist.
Nihon jitsumu shuppan
Web site of Nihon jitsumu shuppan Inc. Schedule of event hall in Japan is here.
Usagi kindergarden
Web site by Usagi Morino and Yuu Eimu. Lovery children!!
JUNKER's room
My friend JUNKER's web site. He is a very HOT person.
Hyper-linked RFC by Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.. You can read RFC on your Web browser.
Fucking programmers in Microshit, Read the RFCs before coding!
Tokyo Flag Union Organization
Many national flags. English pages exist!
Yurika Mismal in Nadeshiko, Sakura Kinomoto in Card Capter Sakura KISS files released.
JeNnY Lab.
Takara Jenny dolls research laboratory. English pages are exist!
My friend J9's web site.
Museum Shino
Shino's HomePage. Many informations about Walkure. (Walkure is a character in video games by namco, NOT Valkyrie in North Europe myth.)
Food of Smile.
My Friend Aurorae's HomePage.
Han's Room
My friend Han's room.
AI.MIN Project Kisekae room
Pritty original character KISS data is here. Original KISS applet and KISS applet by Takechin ready. By these applet you can enjoy kisekae on your Web browsers.
The shop sell ActionReplay for Playstation or Sega Saturn. (This ActionReplay is NOT made by DETEL Inc.)
Japanese Animation and Rock web site in US.
Temaemiso Koubou
Takano's fine art works! ToHeart character and CC Sakura.
Yukimi's Sketch Book
Yukimi Daifuku's lovery shoujo-manga touch characters!! And KISS stuff in Yukimi Daifuku CG Gallery.
- RinrinDo Honpo -
Sohji Wachigai's HOME PAGE. The KISS mascot caracter Kisumi Osanai is created by him.
Yuuko Kawai in Mizuirojidai, Himeko Nonohara in Himechan no ribbon, Moe-chan in Dinosaur planet, Nagisa Shiratori in Cho-kuseni narisou KISS stuff exist.
My friend Miyata's Web site. He is a director of Video game for consumer machine. I work with him sometimes.
Lt.November Kelly's Museum
Lt.November Kelly's Museum. Artworks Anime characters, Game characters etc. English text ready.
Alisa The Wonderland
The Author of Alisa KISS data which contained in Hajimete no KISS
Puya-Puya Terrace
Gen-Ei's WWW Home Page. Lovery girls illustrations! English page exist!
RYO Kumagaya's Web site. Game characters Puni-Puni illustrations!
St. Luminous Misson High School
St. Luminous Misson High School official web site. TV animation have been brodecasted by TV-Tokyo networks now. A friend ship school of Kissin Institute of Softwear.
At Jan. 7, 1998 Vanished web site, too...
Memories of St.Luminous Mission High School in my mind.
Web site of OeRSTED, Inc. The company developping video game software for PlayStation etc. yav is working in this company.
/L Hobby Room
Web site by Light(/L) - famous author of play girls KISS. Very fine KISS works! English page exist!
Official web site by CLAMP the author of Magic night RAYEARTH, Card Captor SAKURA.
English page exist!
Web site of emk - KISSLD author English page exist!
Chigira Momose's many KISS datas.
Koike-ya's fine artworks of Sasami, Misao in Tenchi. English page exist!
Tentai syouzyo zukan
Nanami's pritty grils illustrations. Lovery KISS file exist!
Exotica Catgirl Paradise
Catgirl illustrations and KISS files by Ken Stone.
Minky Momo of Dreams
Many informations about Minky Momo! What's many links exist in Minky Link of Dreams. Great!
"Kawaii, Hentai, Otaku, Anime" Do you know these Japanese words?
UYU's secret base
My friend UYU's web site. Good plastic model craftman.
Lizard's Home Page
My friend Lizard"s web site. He visit my office sometime.
Hyper Hakoiri Musume
Many links for Doll site.
Not change clothes?
DDHG-181 Nachi
The destroyer NACHI official web site. ;-)
Useful informations about ships of JMSDF - Japan Maritime Self-Defense force.
Shoujo Manga Room, Shochan's Home Page
Hime chan in Hime chan no Ribbon KISS. English page exist!
Aoi Tsuki no Kani
Rine Aotuki's web page. Canal in Lost universe, Utena - la fillette revolutionnair - KISS data exist! And, Good guidance about making KISS data on Macintosh.
kazMaster's Laboratory
Many technical report about fkiss. Refer to get more fkiss know-how!
Shoujyo manga artist Michiru Kataoka's Web site.
Apparel for Dolls.
"Doll-Fie" series Action figure.
Kau Mojzesa Home Page
Godai Yusaku's web page in Poland. KISS files exist.
Searching Now! Tell me URL!
Ruriruri Doll SlideShow
Many Ruri's photos!
AKIBA PC Hotline!
Not related to Cyber team in Akihabara.
Console/Emulator Programming Page
Many technical documents about emulators! And Techinical manual of Programming on PlayStation at NOT YAROZE
English page supported!
NEWS-OS Programmer's Manual
NEWS-OS Programmer's Manual print service.
Developing tools for GAMEBOY.
Hatake wired college
Web page of Misaki gakuen. Many students society about CC Sakura, True love story, Dance Dance Revolution etc.
Torisaka factory
Kenrou's many KISS datas!
Doll&Toy Junkie
Many informations about Doll's Estetic.
Carrot House
pyon's many cute KISS datas!
Chyokotto KISS
REDEYES' Web site. KISS data of Akari and Multi in To Heart, Maroon in Kamikaze kaitou Jane.
Sanofuji no syumiteki sekai
KISS data of Sasami in Pritty Samy, Katsura in YAT anshin utyuuryokou. Onpu Segawa in Ojyamajyo Doremi #.
CC Sakura Fine art works!
HIPHOP and Costume play Kei Mikazuki's web site.
Water Palace
Ana Baez and friends' web site. Japanese comics and games fan pages. Some KISS datas are exist at CatKiSS Corp.

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