TRIP TO SWITZERLAND = Yearning for Heidi's Country

My yearning land, SWITZERLAND is introduced at this page.
"Why do you love Switzerland so ??" Many my friends ask me... I am glad that you will
understand through this page.

By the way, when I graduated from university before... the title of Graduation-Thesis
was... "ZERMATT, its formation process and future"!! I wanted to deal any SWITZERLAND
related with the theme by all means!


# The memory of travel to SWITZERLAND
# Photo-Gallery (Photographs of various region)
# My favorite Swiss places

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Mountain-Railways, BVZ departed from Brig where is
located near the border to Italy goes up the steep
A little more time to arrive ZERMATT as vilagge of
the foot of MATTERHORN
But then, why is SWITZERLAND so beautiful ??
The mountains capped with perpetual snow. The Alms
with expanded green coloured... and pretty village
that the steeple of church is placed in center !
They seem the scene like fairy-tals. Every grasses
and flowers are full of life and joy !

20 years ago...
I visited this country first about 20 years ago !!
This small European country took me prisoner.
After first visit, visited SWITZERLAND about every
second year.
Vallis Alps, famous for MONTE-ROSA, MATTERHORN and
WEISSHORN... Berner Oberland, everybody known name
of JUNGFRAU and Heidi' country Grison... I visited
many Swiss region during limited period of trip.
An impression is never changed... when sitting the
the same bench, and opposite same mountains before
it will be bigger and bigger on the contraly.

Eiger (Jul. 22, 1996)

Looking-Up MATTERHORN....

Train of BVZ arrived at ZERMATT-Station. "MATTERHORN" which is shained by the setting
sun is looked up.
Same street, same hotel and same mountains of Vallis Alps... They give me a rest like
the scene as my old home-town.
SWITZERLAND, this pretty and beautiful land.... I will come repeatedly !!

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