SWITZERLAND, gemmy land

This page introduces "GEMMY PLACE" in Switzerland where is not so popular for tour.
Possible to find real facination when you visit ....

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Part-1 : Furka-Oberalp Bahn....1 (Disentis to Andermatt) Part-2 : Furka-Oberalp Bahn....2 (Andermatt to Brig)

Part-1 : Furka-Oberalp Bahn .... 1 (Disentis to Andermatt)

The person who associates Furka-Oberalp Bahn (FO) is well informed in SWITZERLAND.  This
FO connects about 100km,  from Brig in Vallis to Disentis in Grison with branchline from
Andermatt to Goschenen.
From Disentis to Brig is a part of the route of well-known "Gletscher-Express",  so many
tourists take FO without consciousness.
"Gletscher-Express" is co-operated by three private railway-lines, Rhb, FO and BVZ.
Then,  departure from Disentis for Brig.

Disentis grew with amonastery as called "Disentis/Muster". Not so big town, big resort, but it has a calm atmos phere.

The train which is depert from Disentis, go up along deep valley. "Border-Rein", one of the fountainheads of the streams of "The REIN" at the bottom. It is a dizzy height.... The Most High, Oberalp (2,040m), the remainng snow is over one meter. We can expect the hard maintainance in winter.

Station Disentis (May 25, 1987)
It slopes down, and runs for a while,  goes down windingly for Andermatt (1,436m) in the
Alum. It is the hilight of this route .... The train goes down the differnce of altitude
as 600m, at a stretch.  Andermatt, located the bottom of valley is fantastic.

Andermatt is the resort for skier, mainly, and calm except winter for skiing and short periode in summer. If you visit in out-of-season, possible to find the real SWITZERLAND out ..... It is too fantastic !

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Part-2 : Furka-Oberalp Bahn .... 2 (Andermatt to Brig)

FO's operation is separeted at Andermatt.  All of passengers except on Gletscher Express
have to exchange the train at here.
There was a crossing the FURUKAPASS (2,340m) which is
located between Andermatt and Brig.  It was a hilight
of FO. Passengers are able to enjoy the forceful view
of Rhonegletscher before !  Rail, itself were removed
during winter due to too many snow, but Tunnel-FURUKA
11 km length is opened, and trains are possible to be
operated in winter now.
However, crossing FURUKAPASS was disappeared, so some
passengers say  "Excursion of Gletscher-Express would
be un-interested".

A mark of former rail, looked from OBERWALD seemed so lonely, but thinkable that people living this region are thankful for the Tunnel-FURUKA. I passed the FURUKA with thinking so ....

Ropeway is operated from Fiesch to Eggishorn (2,927m) and if you have a time, recommendable ! See the Berneralps and Aletschgletscher from south !! It is harsh, and think a fear against north !

Andermatt (Apr. 19, 1989)

Brig, terminal is far about 30 minutes from Fiesch. The excursion by FO, a little plain, but real SWITZERLAND .... Please take a local train not "Gletscher-Express" !!

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