PHOTO-GALLERY (Fantastic Swiss Places)

I would like to introduce my favourite regions through photographes. Investigated where
is the most suitable to open, first...
And as the results, Swiss typical mountain, MATTERHORN is the best !!


PART-1 : MATTERHORN (Valis Alps)

PART-1 : MATTERHORN (4478 m)

"MATTERHORN", which is located at "Valais Alps" is also called "Mte Cervino" in Italian
and "Mont Cervin" in French.
Altitude is 4478m, lower than "Monte Rosa" (4634m) and "Weisshorn" (4506m), however, it
is famous for unique shape and the tragedy when Winper's first climble in 1865.

photo. on May 26, 1987

photo. on Nov. 4, 1985

The small village, "Findeln" where is the most excellent view-point to see MATTERHORN !
See the left photo... The pretty church with white wall and an old pen. We saw it often
at the guide-book. Rise from Zermatt to Sunnega by underground cable-way, and walk down
about 20min. to Findeln... too beautiful wide-view !

"East-Wall" of MATTERHORN looking from "Trockener Steg" (2939m) as right photo is shown
as equilateral triangle. Summer ski is very popular at this area, and many skiers exist
through the all seasons.

photo. on Oct. 24, 1979

photo. on Jun. 11, 2003

photo. on Jul. 24, 1996

Left photo is viewing from "GORNERGLAT (3135m)". GORNERGLAT is very far from MATTERHORN
but seeing "Gornergletscher" at left side. Monte Rosa and Liskamm across it.
Turn the eyes on right side, Weisshorn, Tinalrothorn and Dom group such as Alphubel and
Dom are seen...
Take about 40min. from Zermatt to Gornerglat by Gorner-Glat Bahn, mountain railway. You
can see MATTERHORN which is shape changed as train rises.

The center photo is viewing from near Schwarzsee ! It is very near from MATTERHORN, and
seem that possible to touch the Rock-Wall !!

After 5 o'clock in the morning ... When the rising sun begins to shine on the East-Wall
of MATTERHORN, the morning comes to Zermatt. The shine of MATTERHORN changed to be from
madder-red to orange colour... Possible to spend beautiful and impressive time.
Sounded the bells which are hung at neck of caws or sheeps when they depart to the Alm.
When I come to Alps, I can wake up in the earler morning despite oversleeping, usualy !

When I watch the photographs, I remember my visit of Switzerland each time...
Especially, it was very impressive that I visited alone in YR.1979, and I would like to
make a same journey... I believe that it will give me same impression.

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