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I T 会員

Tamio Personal Pageのアクセスも1万件を突破しました。これを機に皆さんとのコミュニケーションをより一層深めるため、後援会内に電子メールでの活用方法を考えていきたと思っております。

 Member (mail address) registration!
 tamio kiku.
 Tamio Kiku 64 years old(2013) Access of Tamio Personal Page also broke through 10,000 affairs. In order to deepen the communication with you much more, taking advantage of this opportunity, I think that the practical use method in an electronic mail was considered in the supporters' association.
I want to clarify each responsibility and right to know more in local government. The activity situation of a tamio kiku supporters' association is sent to "IT member" by E-mail. Those who are planning use those who use an E-mail, and from now on consent to the posture in which a tamio kiku ax "IT" is tackled, and ask you for admission (registration) by all means.

住 所
年 齢
性 別 男性 女性
菊たみお後援会に入会する 入会する 入会しない

 A tamio kiku supporters' association office manages the registered E-mail severely.
I do not do use to uses other than the connection from a supporters' association, and information offer. Or offer to other organizations etc. and transfer are also never performed.


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