KISekae Set - KISS

Hello, KIDS!! Did you enjoy changing clothes doll playing?
Not so many boys, But many girls enjoy changing clothes with paper dolls, Barbie or Jenny dolls. Very fan!!

MIO.H think "Is it able to play changing cloth paper doll on computers?" He is a programmer. His business is making softwares for computers. He knews many things for computer science. So he made changing clothes software. It is named KISS - KISekae Set system. (KISEKAE means changing clothes in Japanese.)

If KISS software is installed on your computer, you can to play changing clothes on your computer.

fkiss litks13.lzh screen image

Screen image of French-KISS! running on X Window System
Displaying litks13.lzh artworks by Light
(Mouse cursor omitted.)

Because, it is difficult to install KISS for you. Request your parents or teacher to read followings and install KISS! Good lack!

KISS is a software to enjoy changing clothes paper doll on computers. That is all, nothing more. Many computer users wont to enjoy on their computers. So, following KISS softwares running on each platforms.

Vender Hardware OS Program Author
SHARP X68000 Human68k KISS.X J9
(any) IBM-PC/AT compati. DOS (SVGA) KISS.EXE YoshinoZui
(any) Workstation/PC UNIX/X11 fkiss yav
Apple Macintosh Mac-OS French KiSS John Stiles
(any) PC Windows WKISS.EXE F.K
SONY PlayStation (libpsx) kiss.cpe yav
(any) PC Windows95 KISSLD.EXE EMK

These are only programs. To enjoy you need to get KISS datas.
MIO.H (original KISS author) define KISS General Specification named KISS/GS to keep compatibilities on many platforms. A KISS data which is comformed to KISS/GS have compatibilities for any platforms.

To get KISS datas, LOOK World KISS ProjectWebsite! (Sorry, Japanese only. But, don't warry! find LIB/GALLERY)
And recommend to use search engine Yahoo! or AltaVista.

Some KISS data Web site in Links. Let's visit these Web site!

yav's KISS data

Sailor Mars

ksmars4.lzh screen image (32k)

 11513 Sat May 22 16:38:15 1993 kissmars.lzh
 12818 Wed Jun 30 11:49:53 1993 ksmars2.lzh
  9453 Sat Dec 25 00:32:29 1993 ksmars3.lzh
 11299 Thu Apr 21 09:33:44 1994 ksmars4.lzh


timer1.lzh screen image standby timer1.lzh screen image active

 18740 Sat Jan 20 05:39:09 1996 timer1.lzh

Advertise released archives about KISS

KISS/GS - KISS General Specification

Reference manual about KISS file format. This is a detailed document. If you will make KISS program or data, Please refer this document.

KSNL - KISS News Letter

The News Letters for KSUG - KISS Users Group. It likes Mailing List. Sorry it's Japanese only...

KISS for NEC PC-9801

kiss250d.lzh KISekae Set system Ver 2.50d for NEC PC-9801 created by MIO.H.

KISS for SHARP X68000

ksx242.lzh KISekae Set system Ver 2.42 for SHARP X68000 Human-68k ported by J9

KISS for Fujitsu FM-TOWNS

kstw250d.lzh KISekae Set system Ver 2.50d for Fujitsu FM-TOWNS created by MIO.H.


ksv250d1.lzh KISS for IBM-PC/AT VESA BIOS Ver 2.50d ported by YoshinoZui

KISSLD - KISS Loader for Win32

KISS Loader for Windows95 created by EMK ( This software supports fkiss event extensions. Version up day by day. Nice software!! Followings quoted from KISSLD documents.

KISS Loader for Win32. Extract compressed KISS data on core directly. (ex. *.WAV or documents) No temporary files created.

Let's go to EMK's website, and get KISSLD current version!
For trouble at EMK's website, I put ksld008w.lzh on this site.

fkiss event extensions

"fkiss event extensions" are developped for more interactivities of KISS. It is implemented on French-KISS! (abbrev fkiss) the KISS on X Window System.
Strict syntax is described in fkiss sources. And Now, I writing fkiss event extensions manual for the peoples who cannot speak C languages.

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