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Last updated February 3, 2000

Features Digest

Datsun Roadsters in 'la Cote d'Azur'
Mr. Claude RICHARD, who lives in the south of France, owns two Datsun roadsters 1968 and 1970 SRL311. Look at the photos of his roadsters and visit his on-line shop of French wine.

Datsun Roadsters for 'Marriage on Bridge'
'Shimanami Kaido', a series of long bridges and highways to connect the Honshu and the Shikoku Island over the Inland Sea in Japan, was officially opened on May 1, 1999. The merry and crowded celebrating events were reported in TVs and newspapers in Japan.

As one of the events, 'Marriage on Bridge', a public wedding ceremony on the new bridge, was held on April 24, where our Datsun Roadsters played an important role.

The Datsun Fairlady Roadsters in Europe and England
By Rob Beddington from Nottinghamshire England. He runs the Classic Fairlady Roadster Register. He has a 2000 and two 1600s which have appeared at many shows, in books and magazine articles. He has owned Fairlady Roadsters for over 5 years. He also has a huge archive of Fairlady sales literature and articles.

Report from an Enthusiast in UK
An enthusiast in UK, Mr. Keith Purdon, sent us a report on his SPL311 Datsun Roadster with beautiful photos.

Beaujolais Nouveau '98 in Roppongi

"The third Wednesday in November!". What do you think about? It is the opening day of the French new wine. We can drink the Beaujolais Nouveau nine hours earlier than France; thanks to the time difference. Several years ago, we had the "Beaujolais Nouveau Run", the Roadsters Rally from Tokyo and Osaka to Nagoya. This year we meet at Tokyo Nissan Showroom in Roppogi Tokyo from 9 p.m. on November18. Let's talk the Roadsters with wine and Jazz. The Poster Here

Digital Paper Car

Do you know a Digital Paper Car? Cut out and paste a paper pattern, and you can assemble a cute paper car. We found the legendaryDatsun Fairlady S in a Digital Paper Car Book.

1998 SROC Summer Meeting

The 1998 SROC Summer Meeting was held on August 22 and 23 at Yamada Ryokan Inn of Otari Hot Spring in Nagano Prefecture. This is a report of the Meeting.

Second Release! Model Cars of Racing Roadsters

The EBBRO KID BOX of Japan will release the second series of die-cast Datsun Roadster model cars. This time, racing models. We got the photo.

Roadster National Meeting in Australia

The big event in Australia "Datsun Roadster National Meeting" was held on June 5 - 7. We received a special report and photo from Mr. Bruce Campbell, President of Datsun Roadster Club of Victoria.

Die-cast Model Cars of Datsun Roadster

The EBBRO KID BOX in Japan has released 1/43 scale die-cast model cars of the Datsun Roadsters.

1998 SROC Spring Meeting

The 1998 Spring Meeting of SROC was held near the Fuji International Speedway. This time we had a special guest from the United States.

The Miracle Roadster

This is a heartfelt story of a Datsun Roadster which miraculously survived the disastrous Kobe earthquake in 1995.

Datsun Roadsters in Classic Car Festival

The SROC participated the 1998 Classic Car Festival held in February, 1998 at Pacifico Yokohama, leading the parade with 30 SP, SR and CSP Datsuns. Some of the historic sport cars of Nissan were exhibited.

1997 All Japan SP/SR Meeting

1997 All Japan Datsun Roadster SP/SR Meeting was held in November, 1997 at the Fuji International Speedway. Total of 125 SP, SR and CSP roadsters were gathered. The roadsters ran the famous Fuji Racing Circuit, where the Datsun Roadsters lighted the dawn of Japanese motor sport almost three decades ago.

The Milky Way - Blue Island Rally

The Milky Way - Blue Island Rally was held in November, 1997 in Shikoku Island in Japan. More than 30 Datsun Sports were gathered there, not only from the Island but also from the western region of the Honshu. The Meeting celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the SROC-Ehime.
Photo Album
Enthusiastic and nostalgic photographs and illustrations of Datsun Roadsters.

SR Sound
Roaring exhaust note of SR311 hill-climbing the winding road of the Mt. Norikura.
Links to Roadster Web Sites

There are many beautiful web pages on the Datsun Roadster in the Internet. Some of the enthusiast sites are picked up here for your surfing convenience.

Birth of SROC

Effort to organize the SP/SR Owners' Club was initiated by a one-line advertisement in the February 1974 issue of "Car Graphic" magazine, saying "For Sale - Canvas for a soft top". The person who placed this ad was Chairman Takahashi of the present SROC and several Datsun roadster owners who responded to the ad were caught(?) to start the club.

Then, they made planning and preparation to organize the club. In April, 1975 the first meeting of SROC was festively held.

The club is for the SP/SR Roadsters only. The SROC started as a "One Make Owners' Club" that was rare in Japan then.

  • Procurement of the parts that become scarce (Reproduction of parts, production of special parts, Information on parts)
  • Participation to historic car events
  • Sponsoring the Club meetings
  • Issuance of the Club periodicals "ROADSTER" (about once in a year)
  • Issuance of the Club video "ROADSTER"
  • Issuance of the Club news "NEWS & LETTERS" (bimonthly)
  • Study of the SP/SR history
  • Negotiation with the manufacturers on the parts
  • Study/conservation of the technologies/documents on the Roadsters
  • Interchange with overseas owners and clubs -- Promoting DATSUN ROADSTER CLUB INTERNATIONAL, exchanging information with owners in US, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Germany et.al.
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  • Chairman: Kenji Takahashi, Representative: Kazuyoshi Fukushima
  • Secretary: Shin-ichi Kitahara, 12-22, SenjuNakai-cho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120, Japan
    FAX (81.3) 3882-6601
  • Membership: 154 (As of November, 1997)
  • Region of Membership: Hokkaido, Tohoku, Joshin-etsu, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa and overseas

Joining SROC
  • Qualification: Persons who love SP/SR (CSP), agree with the purpose of Club and can positively join Club activities
  • Club Fee: Joining Fee = 12,000 Yen, Annual Fee = 6,000 Yen (As of 1997)
  • Application: Filling in and mail the application form supplied from the following
  • Mail or fax to: SROC Secretary -- Mr. S. Kitahara, 12-22, SenjuNakai-cho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120, Japan FAX (81.3) 3882-6601

Coming Events
  1. SROC's Entry to the Historic Car Festival in Fuji International Speedway (October, 1998)
  2. SROC's Club Booth at the New Year Classic Car Festival in Pacifico Yokohama (January, 1999)
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