Tetsuya Somemura

Welcome to Martin D-28 world. This webpage is for Martin D-28 fans.
I'm not so good at English. So this webpage has a few English pages.
If you can not read well, please mail me.

D-28 square D-28 an exhaustive study

D-28 News
@News about D-28(Japanese Only).

Birth of D-28

@(Japanese Only)

D-28 Room

Specs about 1934 Martin D-28

@(Include photographs)

D-28 ‚d‚–‚…‚Ž‚”
Report about "D-28 Meeting"(Include photographs).

Last serial number of Martin guitars and production quantity of D-28

My Martin D-28
@Photos of D-28 owned by D-28 fans.
@@Please send me photos of your D-28.

Last serial number and production quantity of D-28(For ‚‰ mode€14 fret model only)

D-28 Mail
Information about mailing list(Japanese Only).

Change of spec about Martin D-28
@(Include photographs)

"Martin D-28 book"
@I joined to edit this book(Japanese Only).

Special edition D-28

@(Japanese Only)

Page about "Martin D-28 book"
More information about "Martin D-28 book"(Japanese @@@@Only).

Searching for a root of Martin D-28
@About 1-28(Include photographs).

I'm looking for
I'm looking for an owner of HD-28@#430576.

Martin D-28 replica
About Seagull SD-70 Special, made in Japan(Include @@@@@@@photographs).

A mysterious D-28 copy model

Dreadnought Story
@(Japanese Only)


@ Instrument of my friend has stolen.

Explanation of terms about D-28
@(Japanese Only)

Graph about D-28 production quantity


Measurement thickness of top, side and back materials of D-28.

D-28 in Martin Catalogs
Tony Rice
@@@My favorite bluegrass guitarist.
Link@Profile etc.

About Tony's ‚c|‚Q‚W
@@(Japanese Only).



@About guitar strings Tony uses(Include photographs).

My profile

Information about Tony Rice
@(Include TAB)

My D-28 Life

@@Report about I took part in(Include photographs).

About update

@@(Japanese Only)

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